The Best WordPress Maintenance Service 2017

Best WordPress Maintenance Service

Who provides the best WordPress Maintenance service?

Almost two years ago, the guys over at Elegant Themes created a list of the best WordPress maintenance services they knew at the time.

That however, never stopped us from wanting to create another one.

Our Motivation

Simply to create the Best WordPress Maintenance service period.

Fast forward to today, I think that we are on track to accomplishing just that as having a WordPress and a website is quite essential for development companies, thus making it easy to find the information. So I am going to put that theory to the test and see how Web Heroes compare with the established service providers.


Web Heroes, was crafted with care by us so we definitely have a leaning 🙂

The original article did a pretty good job of breaking down why a person would want use a maintenance service to manage their WordPress website.

The primary reasons are still the same

Save time – Maintaining your website is nt only about keeping content fresh, but also ensuring that it is optimized for speed, search and as secured as possible against malicious attackers. staying on top of all these requirements is going to eat into the time you spend n what you do best.

Save money – Managing your website is a full time position (see above). Most small businesses and individuals cannot however afford to hire a full time or even part time webmaster.

Expertise – WordPress’s popularity is largely due in part to its ease of use out of the box. That said expertise are required to create and manage advance websites and applications, or just as fallback when things go wrong.

The Established Companies

The established companies from that list includes:

  WP Site Care WPCurve (joined Godaddy) WPLift now WPMatic Maintainn WP Butler WP Valet WP Maintainer Web Heroes
Starting Cost / mo $79 $79 $59 $49 $58 $250 $99 $69

I stuck Web Heroes in there so you can see how our price compares to the top dogs. As you can see we are in the middle of the pack in terms of actual dollar amount, However continue reading and see how we manage to actually be more cost effective and deliver more bang for your buck than the competition.

Features comparison

The features standard for WordPress maintenance service for almost all the players include: No contract, WordPress core updates, plugin and theme updates, website backups, security and up-time monitoring, help-desk support.

How we compete:
Standard features unique to Web Heroes include: Disaster recovery (regardless of why your site was lost), Staging environment for testing, free migration to any web host, Malware cleanup, Configure SSL certificate, Email Setup, Social Media Integrations and more.

Monthly Hours – the number of addition hours you get per month for site updates.

Interestingly enough roughly half of the top companies actually believe that a maintenance package should actually have no maintenance hours.

  WP Site Care WPMatic Maintainn WP Butler WP Maintainer Web Heroes
Hours 0 1/2 0 0 1 2
Are we the best WordPress Maintenance Service?

Let us know? In the meantime we are striving to become the most cost effective, efficient and best WordPress maintenance service available. Our goal is and always will be the same:

To provide everything a website owner needs to manage their WordPress website in a basic package

We do not believe that in order to have full coverage of your website’s basic needs you should have to upgrade to more expensive offerings. We give you everything you need (and a lot of what you may want) to keep your website healthy for a flat fee of $69 per month, that’s the Web Heroes promise.

Have multiple websites?
No problem, add additional websites to your account for just $39 each.

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