Why your business website may be DOOMED to failure

Many small businesses causes their website failure by taking a “build it and they will come” approach to their website. They invest their hard earned cash into creating a website and then sit back and wait for the traffic and clients to come rolling in. Their website is left to languish for months and years […]

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SEO training for small business website owners

In a previous post affordable search engine optimization I discussed the possibility of paying for SEO services with a limited budget. But what if you have NO budget? Many small businesses struggle to pay for the essentials, leaving little left over for ‘luxuries’ like search engine optimization.

The on-going nature of SEO requires not […]

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Awareness Marketing

Awareness Marketing Vs Conversion Marketing

Understanding the difference between awareness marketing and conversion marketing is vital if you are to achieve your marketing goals.

“Awareness marketing” refers to tactics that are aimed at increasing your brand recognition in the market place. Awareness marketing strategies usually focus on getting more people to be aware of your business products within a specified target […]

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