3 Steps to Actually Own Your Website

Own Your Website

If your website developer fell down in the forest, would you still have access to your website? You need a person who understands the aspects of it in and out — a person who knows how to use software like SpamZilla and many others which are quite essential.

If the answer to this simple question is no it means that you are not in possession of arguably your most important piece of online real estate. Imagine hiring a contractor to build a new office for your business, but never bothering to get the keys from him once completed – unthinkable.

But that is exactly what happens if you never bother to get a copy of the credentials to access your website. To ensure that you actually own your website these are the credentials you need to keep a copy of.

Domain Manager

What it is
Your domain manager is the tool you need to make changes to your domain name. With this tool you can point your domain name to the server of your choice or route your emails through another server.

Format – username + password + URL of domain manager

Hosting account / Control panel

What it is
Your hosting account / control panel is the tool you use to access the files and settings for your website. You can use it to create FTP accounts, back up your website, create databases etc.

Format – username +password + URL for hosting account

A full Backup of Your website

What it is
A copy of the files and the database for your website. Ideally you should update this back-up after every major upgrade to ensure that your copy is always current.

Format – .zip of your website files +.Sql file of your website database.

CMS (optional)

What it is
Access to the content management system that powers your website. This is optional since not all website have a content management system.

Format – username + password + URL for administration login

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