4 Ways your website can improve customer service

Improve Customer Service

Many businesses do not leverage their website to it’s fullest extent. If your website is geared towards providing information rather than facilitating transactions you can still expand it’s role as a tool to improve customer service, and instill customer trust in the customers of your business.

Provide Key Information Upfront

Provide key information on your homepage. Putting contact information, address and opening hours in the footer of your site so that it is available on all the pages of your website. Include quick links to other relevant products or services.

Include a Smart Contact Form

Include a contact form that can targets users needs, rather than dumping all contact form emails into a catchall. Try channeling emails to specific addresses and personnel based on purpose. For example billing queries might be sent to ( while support queries are sent to (

Provide Live Chat Support

Having live online support during business hours is a great way to improve your customer’s satisfaction. In many cases it is a lot easier to wait in a chat queue rather than on the phone.

Utilize Customer Usage Data

Look at the keywords that visitors are using to get to your website, this can help you understand why they are visiting and what needs they hope your business will solve for them.

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