Does your Business Have an Online Marketing Strategy

What is an Online Marketing Strategy?

An online marketing strategy refers to a plan aimed at promoting and expanding the reach of your online presence. A good strategy includes:

Establishing Clear Online Goals
What is it that you want to achieve. Goals may be tangible (sell products) or intangible (create awareness).

Steps For Achieving Your Goals
This is the actual steps you are undertaking to reach the goals that you have defined. For example if your goal is to increase online sales, then you might break that down into two steps. Firstly increasing your website traffic – techniques you use to do this might include, SEO, Content Marketing, ecommerce SEO services, Social Media Marketing or Pay Per Click (Campaigns). Secondly by increasing your conversion rates – techniques you may use to achieve this might include, building a custom landing page, or AB testing.

Measurements of Success
To assess the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy, you need to be able to measure the effect it has had on achieving your goals. In the examples cited above – did your website traffic increase? If so by how much?. Did your conversion rate improve? If so by how much?

Do you have an Online Marketing Strategy for your Business?

Your strategy should cover:

Your Website
It’s SEO strategy, PPC strategy, AB testing for landing pages and call to actions. It should also include a content update schedule as well as a feedback response schedule.

Social Media Channels
This should include a content update schedule as well as a social media policy guide.

Any Other Online Activities
Strategy should also cover any other online activities including email campaigns as well as viral content. Improving your sales funnel using dedicated software is always an optimal option.

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