The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basic Search Engine Optimization, begins with your website architecture, is your website well coded and your content well structured? It also includes ensuring that others are linking to you (backlinks), that you have relevant internal links that links keywords to relevant sections of your website and finally that your website is frequently updated with fresh […]

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Does your Business Have an Online Marketing Strategy

What is an Online Marketing Strategy?

An online marketing strategy refers to a plan aimed at promoting and expanding the reach of your online presence. A good strategy includes:

Establishing Clear Online Goals
What is it that you want to achieve. Goals may be tangible (sell products) or intangible (create awareness).

Steps For Achieving Your Goals
This is the actual […]

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Your Website Bounce Rate

Your website’s bounce rate is one of the most important statistical information for you to know about your websites performance.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate measures the percentage of site viewers that leave your website after viewing just one page. A high Bounce rates – above 80 percent – is generally indicate larger, underlying issues […]

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