3 more ways to freshen up your old website

Freshen Old Website

In a follow up to our previous post 3 ways to freshen up your old website we have 3 more ways you can dust the cobwebs off your web presence.

Update your latest news
Two year old latest news = my website is dead and I am out of business, please do not visit anymore. Another option is to re-purpose this slot on your homepage for your Facebook feed or your latest tweets.

Add a slideshow to your homepage
A few well chosen images and a slick transition can put the swag back into your dotcom.

Fix broken links
Ensure that all your website links are working. Pay attention to external links as well; websites do go under from time to time and you don’t want them pulling you down with them.

Have multiple websites?
No problem, add additional websites to your account for just $39 each.

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