3 ways to freshen up your old website

Improve Your Website

So your website is…well old. Don’t feel too bad about it. A website is dated the moment it is launch but that doesn’t mean yours have to show its age. Here are three things you can do to freshen up and improve your website functionally.

Update your information

Ensure that the information on your website is current. Pay special attention to phone and fax numbers, emails addresses and other types of contact details which may have changed over time.

Update your website copyright information

Nothing screams I am old and neglected louder than an outdated copyright statement. Ensure that the copyright statement on your website is saying the correct year.

Add social media share buttons

Your website may have been created before the social media boom but that’s no excuse not to get in on the action. Adding share buttons is a simple way for users to share your website with their network.

Bonus – Fix 404 erros

404 errors are frustrating to your users and impacts your website search engine optimization negatively. Use Google’s free webmasters tools to find and fix them.

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