Affordable Search Engine Optimization For Small Businesses

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

I offer affordable search engine optimization services to my small business clients. So I was quite dismayed when I read an article on Search Engine Watch that warned its readers to be wary of budget search engine optimization companies that charged less than $750 per month.

Many SEO experts seem to take the view that if your not paying an arm and a leg for search engine optimization, then the service you get cannot be good. Somehow they seem to have forgotten the first rule of SEO.

A little SEO is better than no SEO

Many small businesses are competing among themselves for clients, they are not playing with the big boys. Their competition in many cases are other small businesses just like themselves.

While reading about web design on this Source, I realized that there are very few companies which offer all the services to a client when compared to companies which the only concentrate on one area of expertie, which is good, but also too exhaustive for a client. In their arena, many of their competition have no websites, or if they do, its dated and is as badly in need to try these tactics for better SEO as their own. In this scenario $100 per month definitely puts you ahead of your competitor who is spending $0.

At this level simple changes like making your website mobile friendly, or creating and integrating some social pages followed by customers, family and friends can have a huge impact on your website’s ranking.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Case Study

I have a case study of a client who came to me at a point where he was buying traffic. Little did he know was that all those folks in India were very very unlikely to ever walk into his business place in the USA.

His budget was small, only $99 per month yet within 4 months we were able to help him achieve 4 first page rankings, 5 second page rankings and 1 third page ranking on Google for 10 key terms that he previously did not rank for. Strategic affordable search engine optimization does work.

His website traffic has doubled since his traffic buying days and lead generation from his website has gone up over 300%.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Now I am not saying that this sort of SEO strategy would scale up to compete with the big boys, but in this particular use case it does not need to. My client just needed to do a little bit more than his competitors in his particular niche and that is exactly what we did.

No matter how little the budget you have for your website’s SEO strategy, it is always going to be better than when you were spending nothing, as this link combo can help grow your business steadily. If you do not have the money to spend on an expensive campaign, then check out our affordable search engine optimization services and we will customize a campaign for you that ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

To succeed online you need to invest time OR money!

If you have absolutelty no money at all for SEO don’t despair, do a little research, invest a little time and elbow grease and do some DIY search engine optimization.

Tips to Jump-start a Zero Budget Search Engine Optimization Campaign

  1. Claim your Google My Business page, it’s free and most pundits will agree that +1s have a positive impact on SEO
  2. Identify and Fix broken 404 errors on your website. The free Google webmaster tools makes finding those pesky 404 errors a breeze
  3. Claim your local listings and ensure that your name, address and phone number (NAP) is correct and consistent across all. If your not sure where to start do a Google search on your business name and claim any listings you may find for your business

Now those three SEO tips might not get you the number 1 position on Google’s SERP but it will definitely make your site easier to find than it was before you implemented them and they won’t cost you a penny out of pocket.

Search engine optimization is a marathon not a sprint and while you might not be the biggest dog in the fight, if you focus on doing what you can afford to do, then you will definitely benefit in the long run.

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