How to NOT make Effective Connections on LinkedIn

There are many ways that you can make effective connections on LinkedIn. Some are more effective than others, while some are more annoying than others. Personally I prefer to create something of value (this article…) throw it out there and wait for the persons who can see the value to make the connection.

Optimistic? Yes, very! Effective? Yes, somewhat. Annoying? NO!

And that last part is the important part. You catch more flies (and you my reader is not a fly) with honey than with vinegar. Sure you can catch fish with dynamite, but in the process you kill the fish you want and many others you don’t, plus you damage the Eco-system of the river you are fishing in.

Take care and time to try and build connections with people that you are really interested in what they do. Take some time to learn about them so you can start a conversation with value for both parties involved…Otherwise, you just come across as ‘spammy’ and annoying.

How to make effective Connections on LinkedIn

  • Do NOT make connections for connections sake
  • Do NOT try to connect with persons without doing your research to ensure that the relationship can be beneficial to both parties
  • Do NOT sell ice to Eskimos – It’s annoying when persons offer me web services for my business. My business is web services
  • Do NOT be ‘spammy’
  • Don NOT dynamite the water – Obviously one man’s dynamite is another man’s fire cracker, so think before you reach out

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