Google Gives Mobile-Friendly Sites a SEO Boost

Mobile Friendly

On the 21st of April the big G will do a major update to its search algorithm that some have dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ – Basically Google will rank mobile friendly websites higher than their non mobile optimized counterparts for searches from mobile phones.

With mobile searches accounting for nearly 40% of organic search traffic (and growing) this shift in policy is have a critical effect on businesses that depend on organic search traffic. Social Firestarter provides internet marketing services for every marketing need, lawyer marketing inclusive.

Tablets won’t initially be affected by this change for now, so if you are behind on the curve for now these are some of the issues the new algorithm with take into account.

Text size – Does you website use overly small text that is difficult to read on smaller screens?
Flash Elements – Does you website utilize flash elements or video?
Page load times – Are your pages bandwidth intensive?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Check it out by using Google’s own free Mobile-Friendly test. If your site fails we at Web Heroes would be more than happy to help you upgrade your website to a mobile friendly one.

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