How to Actually Write Content for your Website

Write content

Let’s face it, writing is hard. You stare at the empty screen…It stares back at you…You walk around to shake up your thoughts…6 months later…

We have all been there…words that sound so easy in our head…dissolves under the glare of the computer screen. What do you do when your last update is a month or two ago…and the cobwebs start to gather? How do you motivate yourself to write content and not just any content but quality website content.

3 Techniques to Help You Write Content

1. Write shorter articles – kind of a no-brainer – convert that 1500 word article into 3 articles 500 words a piece and BAM three posts under your belt, plus your readers will thank you for it.

2. Write while the writing is good – every so often I get the opposite of writers block. Every idea is golden and the words weave themselves into one beautiful tapestry after another… Exactly…put as many articles in the can as you can fit when you are in the zone.

3. Never throw away an idea… So your stuck, this idea is in a coma – dead even – what is dead today is fodder for tomorrows writing binge.

4. Refer to #1 and end while the ending is good.

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