3 Ways to Make your Website Earn its Keep

Many businesses and organizations have websites that are glorified brochures. Sure information about your organization is important, but wouldn’t it be even better if your website actually helped you to offer a better product or services to your customers?

Here are three ways your website can start working for you today without any major investment on your part.

Orders for pick up & delivery
E-commerce is the Holy grail for many businesses however to execute successfully you need to have the infrastructure in place to manage inventory as well as fulfillment which might require much more than you are able to commit to right now.

An attractive middle ground is to take orders online for pick up and delivery.

Reservations & Appointments
Making reservations and appointments is another easy way you can make your website work as well as improve service to your customers.

Doesn’t matter if they can pay online or not since your current customers who are calling in appointments are probably not paying until after service has been rendered either.

Online Customer Support
Reduce pressure on traditional telephone support systems by offering your clients the option to live chat with your support agents. Put a smile on your customers face by freeing them from the drudgery of “your call is 10th in line”.

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