How to grow your business for average Joes

Grow Your Business

I am an average Joe, I run an amazing business but I am still an average Joe. Over the last 2 years I have transformed my Web Development business based in Kingston, Jamaica with less than 5 regular clients, into a global business (the western hemisphere at least) that has over 50 regular clients in 6 countries. You can grow your business just the same, and easily, too, because sometimes all it requires you to do it visit link of websites which tell you how to make quick money.

Now I am not going to tell you about content marketing, social media or SEO strategies — these are an integral part of the plan — but those have been covered elsewhere and in much greater detail than I ever care to write. What I am going to tell you about are the actual steps that I took to grow my business, that you can take yourself, without have to dip in your pocket and pay someone else in order to get results.

Make sure your product is good

If your product is bad your business is doomed…it’s that simple. You don’t need to be perfect but you need to be on par with or better than your competitors. And if you are, don’t rest on your laurels continuous improvements is the name of the game here. Push the envelope, speak to your existing clients and find out what they think will make them love your product even more. Invest in your product, take a loan, if needed, finding the right lender in Georgia is not a problem.

Diversify your offerings

5 years ago building websites was worth roughly 90% Of our income, since then we have added domain services, Web hosting, website maintenance, social media management, search engine optimization and PPC marketing to our repertoire. The equation is simple grow your offer – grow your business.

The more products and services you have to sell, the more people you have to sell them to.

Have great customer service

Even if your product or service is not the very best within your niche you can have the very best customer service. Providing a great customer service experience keeps the clients you have and encourage them to tell others about your business. When in doubt take one for the team, the karma you create will come back to you.

Make your products and services convenient to access

Convenience is one of the biggest deciding factors in making a purchase. People routinely purchase what’s nearest or easiest over what is best or cheapest.

Make your products or services convenient to access by your customers. Offer it online if you’re brick and mortar, offer it offline if you’re web based. Offer payment options, take cash, cheque, credit card, PayPal even bitcoins if you are able. One may discover more and venture further into the benefits that cryptocurrency offers us. The more ways they can pay, the more money they will spend.

Offer incentives for your current customers to spread the good word

The best marketing is word of mouth, people generally rely on friends and family and co-workers first for reference before they start going through reviews online.

A positive referral from an actual customer to a friend or family is almost as good as cash in the bank, so you want as many as those referrals as you can get. Most of your repeat customers may be happy to spread the good word, adding a little incentive will encourage them to spread it a little further.

So there you have it, actual real life steps you can take to grow your business doing the everyday things you do… everyday. Sure marketing in all its form will help but that my friend should be icing on your cake.

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